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For all of us in this business~

Independent PSO's
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Finally! A place where the PSO community can all get together and share information, thoughts, suggestions and ideas. We welcome everyone in the phone sex industry to join in. This is a great way to network with others; ranging from the veteran PSO to the newbie. Please use this site to better your PSO experience and that of others. This is a free site, with just a few simple rules:
·  Upon request, we have made this site only viewable to registered Users
·  This forum board for phone sex operators is for PSO’s and PS site owners only.
·  Please respect everyone and no bashing – constructive criticism only.
·  Anyone violating these rules will be banned from this site..
To keep this site closed to the public, if you wish to create an account,
please email admin( at ) with your desired username,
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We can create a temporary password that you can change once you're logged in.
This site IS taking new members, and as of March 2018, is under new ownership, and the site IS moderated. The owner is also a PSO and very active on this site, no absentee owners here!
Due to spammers, we had to make memberships manually created by the site admin, so ones cannot sign up themselves. Simply email and an account will be made for you in less than 24 hours. We welcome all PSO's and company owners to our phone sex forums. This forum for phone sex operators has a wealth of information within it to better yourselves with. As of July 2019, there are some log in issues, if you cannot log in, please email me and we will go from there. No one has been banned or locked out, there's issues with log ins.


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